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I am no longer active in this hobby for the foreseeable future. 
I will no longer maintain or update the website, but I will leave it accessible to the web for as long as possible (years).


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The Digital Group Flyers

Presented here are Digital Group flyers #5 through... 17? Since the flyers only loosely held to any numbering scheme, it is kind of hard to tell. Flyers #1-4 are totally unknown. Were they even distributed? Maybe these were one page flyers--who knows? No one I know has ever seen them. Have you? Should I offer a reward? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Since numbering of the flyers was obviously not mandatory or consistent, what you see below may or may not be a complete collection. Each of the photos below are linked to a pdf file of the corresponding flyer. Flyer 8A is the only one I have cleaned up in Photoshop, the others are as I have them--except 5-8A, the cover page is a total recreation. The original is in horrible condition, but readable. (Which is how I was able to do a recreation. :) I have duplicates of most of these, some look better than the scans, but what you see here represents the best on hand at the time I did the work.. The most recent scans are searchable.

Please be nice!

If you download any of these, please save them to your hard drive so you need not download them again! Thanks. :)


flyer_01.jpg (1283793 bytes)
"Flyer" AKA Flyer #5

Date unknown
16.7 Meg

flyer_17.jpg (831676 bytes)
Flyer #6
Date unknown
10.2 Meg

flyer-7_01.jpg (1607805 bytes)
Flyer #7
Approx. June, 1976
5.4 Meg


flyer_7A.jpg (3897903 bytes)
Flyer 7A
Approx. September, 1976
4.5 Meg

flyer-8_01.jpg (945938 bytes)
Flyer #8
Approx. November, 1976
13.6 Meg

flyer-8a_01.jpg (811565 bytes)
Flyer #8A
Date unknown
260 KB


flyer_5-8a.jpg (2243224 bytes)
Flyer 5-8A Consolidated Searchable!
Approx. January(?), 1977
24.4 Meg

flyer-9_01.jpg (1714189 bytes)
Flyer #9
Approx. March-April, 1977(?)
19.3 Meg

flyer_1-9_01.jpg (2197518 bytes)
Flyer #1-9 Consolidated
Date unknown
37.7 Meg


flyer_10_01.jpg (1640033 bytes)
Flyer #10

Date unknown
10.2 Meg

flyer_11_01.jpg (1967242 bytes)
Flyer #11
Approx. September(?), 1977
27.5 Meg

flyer_12_01.jpg (1346634 bytes)
Flyer #12
Approx. February(?), 1978
32.7 Meg


flyer_13_01.jpg (1859268 bytes)
Flyer #13
Date unknown
8.1 Meg

flyer_14_01.jpg (1245849 bytes)
Flyer #14
September, 1978 (Stated in flyer 15)
16.2 Meg

flyer_15_01.jpg (2727975 bytes)
Flyer #15
April, 1979 (See p15)
39.5 Meg


flyer_last_01.jpg (2889517 bytes)
Unnumbered Flyer--#16?
From Dr. Suding himself. According to him, this was the last.
Possibly April, 1979(?)
18.0 Meg

flyer_last_cs.jpg (69643 bytes)
Unnumbered Color Flyer--#17?

Possibly April, 1979(?)
5.9 Meg

bk_001.jpg (221869 bytes)
Truly, the last DG Flyer

August-September, 1979
Stolen from The Digibarn
430 KB


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