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I am no longer active in this hobby for the foreseeable future. 
I will no longer maintain or update the website, but I will leave it accessible to the web for as long as possible (years).


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The Digital Group Advertisements & Magazine Articles

The Digital Group had some very eye pleasing advertisements which ran in a variety of magazines. All but one of the scans below are from the pages of Byte Magazine. Since Byte was the leading computer magazine of the time, they were usually the first to get the new ad copy--I have not verified this in every case, but it is a reasonable assumption. In short, it is possible these ads might have run somewhere else first. The date shown below each is the earliest date that the ad appeared, but not every scan is from that particular issue.

Their were only three ads I am aware of (again, not an exhaustive search on my part) that did not run in the pages of Byte, and only one is included below. This one is from Popular Electronics. PE also ran a variation of this same ad, but with the cutout on the right side of the page--I couldn't find my tattered copy, February of 1977 if I recall. The third was in color, text from "Meet The Digital Group" (PE, March 1977) with color photo like the one that ran in Byte, January of 1978. I know I have it somewhere...

I have also included several articles written by the DG folks and one article written specifically about about DG. Since these were written as part of an advertising strategy (except for one) , they are included here.

If I run across an ad that differs notably from this collection, I will scan it and add it later--but for now, this is it! :) --Enjoy.


byte76-06_meet_tdg.jpg (441344 bytes)
June, 1976--First ad, terrible logo. Byte Magazine
440 KB

76-06_dg_article_small.jpg (45732 bytes)
June, 1976--Article, Byte Magazine
1.8 Meg

byte76-07_1mbonline.jpg (3853285 bytes)
July, 1976 Byte Magazine
3.8 Meg

76-07_dg_article1_small.jpg (56281 bytes)
July, 1976--Article 1, Byte Magazine
6.7 Meg

76-07_dg_article2_small.jpg (52319 bytes)
July, 1976--Article 2, Byte Magazine
1.1 Meg

byte76-08_suprchip.jpg (3399220 bytes)
August, 1976 Byte Magazine
3.4 Meg

76-08_dg_article_small.jpg (57002 bytes)
August, 1976--Article, Byte Magazine
1.1 Meg

76-09_dg_article_small.jpg (57026 bytes)
September, 1976--Article, Byte Magazine
6.8 Meg

byte76-10_CoversUp.jpg (3538369 bytes)
October,1976--New Logo! Much better. Byte
3.5 Meg

byte76-11_pickacard.jpg (3882632 bytes)
November, 1976 Byte Magazine
3.8 Meg

byte76-12_made4eachother.jpg (3376819 bytes)
December, 1976 Byte Magazine
3.4 Meg

byte77-02_turnon.jpg (3895481 bytes)
February, 1977 Byte Magazine
3.9 Meg

byte77-03_print.jpg (3780980 bytes)
March, 1977 Byte Magazine
3.8 Meg

77-03_dg_article_small.jpg (54630 bytes)
March, 1977--Article, Byte Magazine
6.7 Meg

pe77-03_meet.jpg (3465566 bytes)
March, 1977 Popular Electronics
3.5 Meg

byte77-04_64char.jpg (3463664 bytes)
April, 1977 Byte Magazine
3.5 Meg

byte77-05_printcover.jpg (3931788 bytes)
May, 1977 Byte Magazine
3.9 Meg

byte77-08_32k.jpg (4501302 bytes)
August, 1977 Byte Magazine
4.5 Meg

byte77-10_disks.jpg (4354218 bytes)
October, 1977 Byte Magazine
4.4 Meg

byte77-11_basicbox.jpg (4490947 bytes)
November, 1977 Byte Magazine
4.5 Meg

byte77-12_votrax.jpg (5582926 bytes)
December, 1977 Byte Magazine
5.6 Meg

byte78-01_team.jpg (4083790 bytes)
January, 1978 Byte Magazine
4.1 Meg

byte78-02_realwrld.jpg (4247273 bytes)
February, 1978 Byte Magazine
4.2 Meg

byte78-04_bytemaster.jpg (6336068 bytes)
April, 1978 Byte Magazine
6.3 Meg

byte78-06_hardware.jpg (6046620 bytes)
June, 1978 Byte Magazine
6.0 Meg

byte78-07_software.jpg (5483228 bytes)
June, 1978 Byte Magazine
5.2 Meg


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