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Imsai 8080

I am no longer active in this hobby for the foreseeable future. 
I will no longer maintain or update the website, but I will leave it accessible to the web for as long as possible (years).


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IMSAI 8080

This one has the reputation of being the first PC clone--it copied the bus and general feel of the Altair 8800, but did it with power. A bigger and better power supply, and a more powerful look and feel. It just looked more professional, industrial.

I've always wanted one of these! Back when I was selecting my first computer, I considered this one, but as it was very newbe unfriendly, and required lots of extras just to match what came standard with The Digital Group, I opted for the latter.

This one was a gift of Tom Apel, who interesting enough, has thedigitalgroup.org web site.


This is going to take a long time--I am so busy! I noticed one thing about this computer almost instantly: Those paddle switches are fragile! This lesson was learned, thanks to my sweet daughter.

I'll update when I have made some progress


2008-05-14_imsai 013a.jpg (1984705 bytes)
As received, more or less, in need of real work

2008-05-14_imsai 007a.jpg (2432500 bytes)

2008-05-14_imsai 010.jpg (3177792 bytes)

2008-05-14_imsai 014.jpg (2939694 bytes)

2008-05-14_imsai 001.jpg (2896998 bytes)

IMSAI Simulator

Years ago, I ran across this little program that simulates an IMSAI 8080. I have no idea who wrote it--all apologies. 

imsai.exe - 130kb



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