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VCF 9.0

I am no longer active in this hobby for the foreseeable future. 
I will no longer maintain or update the website, but I will leave it accessible to the web for as long as possible (years).


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VCF 9.0, November 2006

This was the 30th anniversary year for the Apple-1 Computer at the VCF. I knew there would be all sorts of Apple displays and rather than try and do just another--me and my replicas, I chose to stick with my Mark-8 Minicomputer. The Teletype is always a big hit at the shows, what with the noise and all, and it had been a few years since the show had seen a working Mark-8. :)

I didn't expect it this year, but again took home five top awards for my display--this is sort of a science fair for old nerds, eh? Anyway, got to see the Woz, and as part of my display awards, I received a signed copy of his book. Great stuff--good times, good times.

Also at the show, I learned a lesson. Again. Always check the condition of the Teletype rubber print hammer before using the machine. Mine had fallen off in transit, and I ruined a print head. Erik Klein was gracious enough to offer me a new one from a busted up Teletype he owned--he gave me the whole Teletype just so I could get the print head! What a pal! Thanks again Erik!

My Display


DSCF1349.JPG (3008516 bytes)
My display, just after setup

DSCF1351.JPG (2894670 bytes)
Entering in a new program

DSCF1339.JPG (2977843 bytes)
"Check this out!!"

DSCF1359.JPG (2850430 bytes)
Me, cheesing it up

DSCF1361.JPG (3041561 bytes)
My sweetheart--come on, smile!

DSC7989_3884x2600.jpg (3815528 bytes)

CIMG0244.JPG (406931 bytes)


Other Displays at the Show


DSCF1325.JPG (3085365 bytes)
Tim Robinson

DSCF1341.JPG (2918421 bytes)
Amazing stuff

DSCF1314.JPG (2972939 bytes)
Larry Pezzolo

DSCF1311.JPG (2913007 bytes)
Apple replica-1

DSCF1310.JPG (1293368 bytes)

DSCF1338.JPG (2892594 bytes)
Another replica, with memory

DSCF1355.JPG (2866698 bytes)

DSCF1315.JPG (2945454 bytes)
Bob Fowler's display

DSCF1307.JPG (2957754 bytes)
Cameron Kaiser's Display

DSCF1320.JPG (2861804 bytes)
My kid likes puzzles

DSCF1345.JPG (2882635 bytes)
Woz & the Apple Gang

DSCF1322.JPG (2882203 bytes)
Evan Koblentz's Pre-industrial computing


Hanging around in San Francisco


DSCF1195.JPG (2975334 bytes)

DSCF1236.JPG (3005061 bytes)

DSCF1246.JPG (2951547 bytes)

DSCF1202.JPG (2583664 bytes)

DSCF1211.JPG (3087052 bytes)
Coit Tower, another self portrait

DSCF1239.JPG (2300952 bytes)

DSCF1416.JPG (3196768 bytes)
Site of the Sutro Baths

DSCF1292.JPG (2942058 bytes)
Chinatown haircut at the famous Jun Yu's

DSCF1295.JPG (2935578 bytes)
Ain't that nice?

DSCF1276.JPG (2651812 bytes)
Power for the Cable Cars

DSCF1281.JPG (2919357 bytes)
Cable Car Museum

DSCF1286.JPG (2346513 bytes)

DSCF1436.JPG (3078835 bytes)

DSCF1445.JPG (3101553 bytes)

DSCF1402.JPG (3114345 bytes)


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