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VCF 6.0

I am no longer active in this hobby for the foreseeable future. 
I will no longer maintain or update the website, but I will leave it accessible to the web for as long as possible (years).


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VCF 6.0, October 2003

Here are a few photos from the Vintage Computer Festival 6.0. My display illustrated the connection between the Mark-8 Minicomputer and the beginnings of The Digital Group. I spent so much time with my display that I scarcely had a chance to take any photos. As a result, some of the photos of my display shown here, were taken by others. Thanks all!

My Display

2003-10_VCF_SanFran0006.JPG (179158 bytes)
My display, just after setup

2003-10_VCF_SanFran0013.JPG (188054 bytes)
Making paper Tape copies with Larry Pezzolo

2003-10_VCF_SanFran0053.jpg (101504 bytes)
Black box on the right is RS232 interface

2003-10_VCF_SanFran0036.JPG (1595955 bytes)

2003-10_VCF_SanFran0034.JPG (213178 bytes)
My daughter with her new friend Boston

2003-10_VCF_SanFran0037.jpg (365888 bytes)
My wife chattin' it up with Bruce Damer

2003-10_VCF_SanFran0014.JPG (167742 bytes)
Neil Breeden, high school friend dropped by. No. I'm not short!

2003-10_VCF_SanFran0022.JPG (149150 bytes)
Best of show--one of five ribbons received

2003-10_VCF_SanFran0051.jpg (120627 bytes)
Five really cool nerd ribbons


Other photos from the show

2003-10_VCF_SanFran0016.JPG (176068 bytes) 2003-10_VCF_SanFran0017.JPG (139134 bytes) 2003-10_VCF_SanFran0015.JPG (149754 bytes)
2003-10_VCF_SanFran0018.JPG (168174 bytes) 2003-10_VCF_SanFran0019.JPG (136422 bytes) 2003-10_VCF_SanFran0021.JPG (141494 bytes)
2003-10_VCF_SanFran0033.JPG (170214 bytes) 2003-10_VCF_SanFran0020.JPG (151434 bytes) 2003-10_VCF_SanFran0045.jpg (314234 bytes)

Hanging around in San Francisco


2003-10 SanFran096.JPG (110672 bytes) 2003-10 SanFran015.JPG (100102 bytes) 2003-10 SanFran095.JPG (139478 bytes)
2003-10 SanFran115.JPG (131974 bytes) 2003-10 SanFran097.JPG (120902 bytes) 2003-10 SanFran025.JPG (176010 bytes)
2003-10 SanFran114.JPG (133076 bytes) 2003-10 SanFran091.JPG (163550 bytes) 2003-10 SanFran047.JPG (166821 bytes)
2003-10 SanFran028.JPG (124034 bytes) 2003-10 SanFran120.JPG (166226 bytes) 2003-10 SanFran124.JPG (171542 bytes)

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