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VCF 7.0

I am no longer active in this hobby for the foreseeable future. 
I will no longer maintain or update the website, but I will leave it accessible to the web for as long as possible (years).


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VCF 7.0, November 2004

Here are my photos from the Vintage Computer Festival 7.0, held at the Computer History Museum near San Francisco in November 2004. This was my second VCF, I spent far more time putting my display together, and was much more pleased with the results this time around.

My Display

vcf-7_005.jpg (74204 bytes)
This is the test run, set up in my home

APB060602.jpg (98734 bytes)
Just after set up at the show

DSC00826.jpg (286686 bytes)
Loading software and solving troubles

DSC00827.jpg (267895 bytes)
Eric Smith sizes up the display

IMG_2605a.jpg (837659 bytes)
Everything up and running

vcf-7_027.jpg (60287 bytes)

IMG_2632.jpg (434598 bytes)
Like a proud father

IMG_2659.JPG (1391920 bytes)
Boston shakes hands

IMG_2643.JPG (1126839 bytes)
Collecting the awards

IMG_2646.JPG (1359016 bytes)
Vince Briel presents me with an award of his Replica 1 computer!

bigwinner.jpg (145042 bytes)
Cleaning up in the awards. Five of them this year, including Best of Show!

IMG_2647.JPG (1346243 bytes)
My daughter is unimpressed


Other Displays at the Show


IMG_2660.JPG (1015081 bytes)
Dr. Robert Suding and his vintage chip display.

IMG_2622a.jpg (371302 bytes)
Up close, Dr. Suding's vintage chip display.

IMG_2610.JPG (1332142 bytes)
Erik Kleins awesome Altair display

IMG_2634.JPG (1462530 bytes)

IMG_2611.JPG (1357517 bytes)
The coolest display at the show! A totally mechanical computer!

IMG_2612.JPG (1269163 bytes)

IMG_2608.JPG (1285508 bytes)
Hi Larry!

IMG_2652.JPG (1436775 bytes)

IMG_2630.JPG (1264736 bytes)

IMG_2653.JPG (989560 bytes)

IMG_2620.JPG (1254716 bytes)
Jack Rubin checks out a private collection

IMG_2628.JPG (1155359 bytes)


Hanging around in San Francisco


IMG_2535.JPG (444724 bytes)

IMG_2542a.jpg (1896846 bytes)

IMG_2561a.jpg (1073445 bytes)

IMG_2555.JPG (1073142 bytes)

IMG_2557.JPG (1057221 bytes)

IMG_2525.JPG (1378780 bytes)

IMG_2506.JPG (1994063 bytes)

IMG_2518.JPG (1532542 bytes)

IMG_2519.JPG (1548500 bytes)

IMG_2587a.jpg (567776 bytes)

IMG_2578.JPG (1853161 bytes)

IMG_2524.JPG (1370537 bytes)


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